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Fantasy MLR: Round 3 Waiver Wire Suggestions

By: John Fitzpatrick
Mar 1, 2023 - 9:00am

The high-scoring trend continued in Round 2 as one fantasy manager came within .3 points of hitting 100.

Fantasy managers navigated the first week of byes (Chicago & D.C.) by getting busy on the waiver wire.

New England and Toronto are on bye this week, so fantasy managers will need to figure how to replace John Poland, Mills Sanerivi, among others.

So, who should managers target in the waiver wire process this week?

Let's dive into the top four or five best available players at each position on the waiver wire for Round 3.

Front Row

Best Available

1. Jarred Adams, NOLA Gold

2. Juan Pablo Zeiss, Dallas Jackals

3. Ben Strang, Rugby ATL

4. Conan O'Donnell, Toronto Arrows

5. Axel Zapata, Houston SaberCats

Second Row

Best Available

1. Lucas Bur, Dallas Jackals

2. Billy Stewart, NOLA Gold

3. Micaiah Torrance-Read, Toronto Arrows

4. Jamie Lane, Utah Warriors

5. Isaac Ross, San Diego Legion

Back Row

Best Available

1. Jeronimo Gomez Vara, Dallas Jackals

2. Lautaro Bavaro, Old Glory DC

3. Bailey Wilson, Utah Warriors

4. Daemon Torres, Rugby ATL

5. Collin Grosse, Old Glory DC


Best Available

1. Eamonn Matthews, New York Ironworkers

2. Zion Going, Utah Warriors

3. Kieran McClea, New England Free Jacks


Best Available

1. Adriaan Carlese, Dallas Jackals

2. Reece Macdonald, New England Free Jacks

3. Alejandro Torres, Dallas Jackals


Best Available

1. Spencer Jones, New England Free Jacks

2. Fabian Goodall, Toronto Arrows

3. Marcos Young, Old Glory DC

4. Thretton Palamo, Old Glory DC

5. Campbell Johnstone, Dallas Jackals

Back Three

Best Available

1. Eric Naposki, Dallas Jackals

2. Ciaran Breen, Toronto Arrows

3. Vereniki Tikoisolomone, Houston SaberCats

4. Jordan Trainor, NOLA Gold

5. Paula Balekana, New England Free Jacks

6. Chris Mattina, Chicago Hounds

7. Thomas Aoake, San Diego Legion

Bonus Point Team

Best Available

1. Chicago Hounds